Steve Holgate(non-registered)
A collection of fabulous images and particularly like the Blue tit in flight very impressive
Beryl Kerr(non-registered)
What a great collection - I particularly liked the Coniston sunrise and the goose at Balranald - I could gaze at these images forever.
Richard Young(non-registered)
Some beautiful and evocative images. Great work all round
Fantastic photos! It was lovely to be transported to such beautiful, peaceful scenes
I really enjoyed looking through these photos, there are some beautiful images. It makes me appreciate what is on our doorstep.
Keep up the good work everyone!
Amazing detail and colour in all the photos. Was fascinated by the beetle, loved all the flowers, and giggled at the robin after his bath.
Enjoyed all of these, in particular the bluebell and the bee, the robins, the whitebells, and to my surprise, the beetle. The colours were unexpected and quite beautiful. Keep up the good work
Fantastic photo’s, love the spider images, so clear Keep up with the fabulous work, time, ideas & effort in achieving these brilliantly captured images.
Ann Sullivan(non-registered)
Some really lovely photographs here. I particularly liked 3, 34,30 and 35 . The photographs of the insects are great though possibly not for the birthday card market and I also liked the 2 photographs of garden implements especially the eye level view of the lawn mower. A more quirky take on the garden. All in all a really great selection of beautiful photos. Now we are coming out of lockdown perhaps next topic might be crowd scenes at local beauty spots...
Wonderful photography. Shows you don't have to go far to find beauty in this world.
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